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Just In Time for America Book


JUST-IN-TIME for America is "still the best modern manufacturing practices book in print." This best-seller has been used by many universities and the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) to train and certify students in LEAN JIT methods and practices. It's a real bargain at $39.95. JUST IN TIME for America Ken Wantuck’s explanation of LEAN JIT is easy to read and gives you the in-depth understanding and hands-on tools needed for successful implementation. This best selling work from one of America’s leading Just-In-Time authorities is your recipe for success. A wealth of how-to information about the continuous improvement of production system performance using manufacturing workcells, kaizen, kanban, and set up reduction program teams, including hundreds of illustrations and photographs that clearly bring LEAN JIT into real-world focus. Dozens of examples supported by detailed case studies and sample formats will help you make LEAN JIT a reality in your company. (Hard cover 423 pages)

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