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Lean JIT Productivity Simulation


Every person in your facility should have this experience if you are seriously planning to implement Lean JIT Manufacturing. The hands-on activity will show them how different Lean JIT is and how much easier and effective it is for them as individuals.

In only two hours, you will assemble Nerf ball characters in two different simulated production environments. First, the traditional arrangement employs fixed lots of various sizes in isolated, specialized work centers. Material is moved from department to department by a material handler. All work is routed through an inspector to “insure quality”. Measurements of productivity, quality, elapsed time and inventory investment are made to establish a base line.

In the second iteration, a group technology work cell is configured to integrate manufacturing, subassembly, final assembly, self-inspection and packaging of the product to exact customer demand. The work is balanced in non-traditional combinations. Material is transferred (“pulled”), from person to person, one-at-a-time, only as needed Measurements at the end of this phase show remarkable improvements in productivity, quality, elapsed time and inventory investment. Participants will truly understand how beneficial this new methodology can be to them.

The Lean JIT Productivity Simulation contains enough material to conduct the experience ten times. For more demonstrations, the expendable parts can be replaced at any stationery store.

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