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Kanban Pull System Simulation


The use of Kanban Pull Cards can be demonstrated with a deck of of ordinary playing cards. Imagine a company manufacturing two products, hearts and spades. They are made from diamond and club components. Diamonds become hearts - red to red - and clubs become spades - black to black. This simulation will demonstrate how the Pull System responds to three sets of typical conditions and two extreme cases:

a.) Customer through Work Center 1;

b.) Customer through Work Center 1 to Work Center 2;

c.) Customer Demand for Both Products and Components;

d.) Worst Case Shift in Customer Demand; and

e.) Radical Worst Case Shift in Customer Demand.

Not only will the participants see clearly how well the system works under al those circumstances, it will point out the need to strictly follow the procedure for it to work properly. Otherwise, they could run out of stock. When the rules are followed, they never run out of stock.

The Kanban Pull System Simulation includes detailed instructions, nine decks of playing cards and a DVD with PowerPoint slides (including one with 65 animations) to use in explaining and conducting the simulation.

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